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Quickly change prices without coding or discount codes

About Easy Product Price Discounts

Discount products instantly : Select, all your products, just some of them or even collections to discount up to 99%. We take care of all of the calculations for you.

Revert prices when you want : With a click of a button, all prices will revert to their original amount. Allowing you to run flash sales easily.

Complete control : You can remove some products from sale, run multiple sales with different discounts and so much more.


No more manually changing prices or creating coupons

Putting products on sale shouldn't be difficult and with Easy Product Discounts it no longer is, it was designed with the clear purpose of allow shops to discount their products with a few clicks and revert them back with similar ease.

Using this app will save you valuable time managing your shop and boost sales instantly. Try it out today with a free 7 days trial, the app will pay for itself in no time.

Running a sale has never been easier

Say you want to take all of your products on a 25% sale or 2 collections on different sales or just select some slow moving products to discount. All of this is possible with a few clicks in Easy Product Discounts.

  1. Select the products or collection you want to put on sale
  2. Select the discount you want to apply from 1% to 99%
  3. Click start sale

That’s it, it’s really that simple! Reverting your products back to their original prices is even easier as you just click revert sale.

Reduce prices in seconds

Creating a new sale couldn't be easier, give it a name, select the products or collections, set your discount and that's it. When you want to finish simply click revert and all of the products will go back to their original price.

No codes or coding

No need to create cumbersome discount codes or edit your shop's templates in any way. We edit the prices and save the original ones to easily revert them when you want.

We are always happy to answer any questions you have. Please check out our other apps and reviews happy clients have left

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June 07, 2019
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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