Shopify App : Simple Product Customizer

Custom image / text product fields with live with 3D preview.

About Simple Product Customizer

Easily Add Custom Products : Easily add customized products and products variants. Provide fields for personalized text and image uploads.

Fully Customize Appearance : Change Product page and custom fields colors, appearance and layout.

Visualise with a 3D preview : Increase conversion rate with a live 3D preview of custom product designs.


We make Product Customization Simple for you and your Customers

Simple Product Customizer integrates with Shopify, allowing your customers to specify a custom message, or upload a custom Image. Our app allows merchants to sell custom or personalised products with a live 3D preview. Our 3D product designer is easy to use - no coding skills required!

Why choose Simple Product Customizer?

This app is for merchants selling any kind of customizable product. Our product customizer app allows customers to easily visualize Personalized or Customized products before they are bought. Merchants can experience a higher conversion rate when custom products can be easily visualised by customers. Before a personalized product is received, customers will understand exactly what a product will look like and will be less likely to request a return. Other customization apps let you create options for your products, but do not show your customers a visual change when entering their options.

Customize the look and feel

Our product template fits with your branding, allowing for a seamless customer experience. Change colors, layout and branding to fit your theme. Customer options are available in the Shopify admin, these will show on the order info page, and in email the confirmation email.

Feature Highlights

  • Add Custom fields for Text input and file Upload.
  • Set a customer facing label for any option.
  • Provide different options per each product variant.
  • Limit file upload minimum and maximum size
  • Select minimum and maximum text length input.
  • Optionally require that a customization option is not left blank.
  • Limit the file type that can be uploaded. For example, only allowing ‘svg’
  • Fully responsive that optimized on tablet and mobile browsers.
  • Live Updating Preview that shows customers customization.
  • Change color, size, fonts and position, and see it applied on your product.
  • Fully customizable product page with Shopify 2.0 templates.

Our product customizer app supports many kinds of products, including but not limited to shirts, hoodies, shoes, socks, flip-flops, mugs, bags, watch engravings, pet tags, name tags, phone cases, doormats, packaging, bedding, or any other customizable product.

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Launch date
April 27, 2022
Top features

Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

Up-to-date tech: works with the latest themes

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