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CLV, Profit Reports, Average Order Value, and Segments

About Siftmo Analytics

Centralize your store data : Siftmo normalizes, aggregates, and analyzes your store data, letting you have a single source of knowledge for your team and yourself.

Advanced filters and segments : Get insights from your customers, products, and orders. Use our tens of preset segments or the flexible combinable advanced filter tool.

Answer the key questions : No data analysts required. Know the most important KPIs out of the box and answer key questions about your customers & products.


What is Siftmo?

Siftmo is a tool that collects, normalizes, aggregates, and analyzes your store data, and let you get some insight and knowledge from it.

You can use it as your single source of truth for your analytics, for your team and yourself. Whether you want to track KPIs like CLV (customer lifetime value), COGS (cost of good sold), or AOV (average order value); or you need to answer such unusual — yet important — questions i.e.: Which are the products that were performing below average during last year yet they worked incredibly well during last Black Friday? With Siftmo you can efficiently answer that question as well as many others, you’ll name them.

Understand your Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) KPI

Among many other KPIs, with Siftmo you'll have access to a specific CLV dashboard.

Our CLV KPI is segmented by how long ago your customer was acquired. That means, you cannot just track the CLV for all your customers, but those that were acquired a week, a month, or a year ago. That improvement will let you track in a more granular way how your CLV evolves.

Together with the segmented CLV, Siftmo will generate a Customer Lifetime Value distribution profile, where you’ll be able to see how much your customers spend by how long ago they were acquired.

These two KPIs are the key for letting you forecast better how much you can spend acquiring customers and when you can expect an ROI break-even in your marketing efforts.

Advanced filters to answer complex questions

All your customers, products, and orders, can be filtered using our advanced filters. You can combine as many filters as you need, to answer complex questions such as:

  • Which customers spent the most during these last holidays?
  • Which customers are returning more orders?
  • Which customers are buying this combination of products?
  • Which products are the most and least profitable?

Customer & Product Segments

Besides the advanced filters, Siftmo has built-in preset segments you can use by themselves or use as your starting point for your advanced filter query. Here are some of the most important customer and product segments:

  • Dormant customers
  • Comeback customers
  • New customers
  • High/low AOV customers
  • High/low profitability customers
  • One-time purchaser customers
  • Highly refunded products
  • Most discounted products
  • High net sold products
  • High volume products
  • High/low profitability products

Get the help you need

You won't be left alone after you install Siftmo, instead, expect us to help you and assist you, for you to extract as much value from Siftmo as possible.

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March 29, 2022
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