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About Shopwaive — Email Discounts

Track Customer Purchases : Auto-synced cloud database that makes customer and sales analytics easier than ever before. Based on this data, send discounts via email

Upsell with Email Marketing : Optimize your marketing strategy by emailing discounts to customers with purchase history or new customers. All tracked by the Shopwaive App

Drive Repeat Purchases : Grow your business one customer at a time through email discounts that increase purchase conversion rates.

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App Development Services & Support. Fully custom, end-to-end Shopify Business applications, iOS and Web.

Introducing the new standard in IoT software data systems. Customer service solutions crafted for e-commerce businesses that promote customer growth and retention, and create repeat buyers.

Build a repeat buyer customer base with incentives to purchase. Market to your leading or most active customers by rewarding their purchasing actions. Or market to new customers through the new customers analytics tab. Choose to offer a discount for a percentage off total purchase price.


  • With Shopwaive, creating customer discounts is made simple. Email customers with discount codes based on their purchasing history
  • Shopwaive Email Discounts can be used in combination with Shopify Gift Cards and the Shopwaive Store Credit app to further add to your selection of marketing & promotion tools
  • Upsell with Email Discounts to spur customer loyalty and repeat purchases
  • Use Discounts as an alternative approach when processing refunds, incentives, or rewards to keep customers engaged with your shopping experience
  • The Shopwaive Email Discounts app uses cloud data retrieval for lightning fast e-commerce integration for a fully integrated experience
  • Once Email Discounts are Created and Sent, you can easily Modify and Delete customer email discounts through the Shopify Admin
  • Drive sales, growth, and customer retention through this easy-to-use email discount interface

Why Shopwaive?

  1. Easy, no code-editing required installation. Automatically installs and syncs with your Shopify Customers. When new customer accounts are created, Shopwaive automatically detects and integrates them into your customer analytics tabs.
  2. The clean, intuitive user interface makes searching for customers and creating email discounts for marketing easier than ever before.
  3. 24/7 Customer support. We're here when you need us. Send us a message via email and we'll contact you at the earliest opportunity to support any issues that may arise.
  4. Fully integrated within the Shopify Admin Portal. Complete all tasks in the Shopwaive App without leaving your Shopify Admin page or redirected to an outside url.
  5. For Enterprise-level custom IoT solutions and features for businesses with customer accounts 100k+, please contact our Shopwaive team for more information.

Download now, set up in less than 2 minutes and join thousands of stores reporting significant increases in customer satisfaction, traffic, and ROI.

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January 24, 2022
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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