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About ShopProtect: Protect Your Shop

Hide Your Best Sellers : Unique function of ShopProtect is option to hide your best selling products. Yes, anyone can see them without ShopProtect!

Protect Your Hard Work : Make life harder to copy cats with unique features like drag & drop protection and shortcut and right-click protection.

Stay Under The Radar : Hide images from Google and fly under the radar. Also, make harder to copy your theme & apps you use!


Don’t be a victim!

So many eCommerce companies and small businesses forget to protect their hard work when they launch their store. But unfortunately, nobody’s safe.

Nowadays it’s so easy to download images from internet, copy paste a perfect copy, or steal invaluable information about an online business.

Why would your competition build their success on your hard work, if you can use ShopProtect in minutes and keep everything safe?

Hide your best-sellers

Finally there is a solution for hiding your best selling products. Everyone can see them if they type “collections/all?sort_by=best-selling” query string at the end of your domain name. ShopProtect will disable this feature!

You can protect everything with these protection features

Now you don’t have to waste time on coding forums to keep your webstore and business safe. Within minutes you can now prevent people from stealing from your store.

  • Prevent theft of your images and texts.
  • Hide your best seller landing pages and priceless app info.
  • Keep scripts to your store’s source code hidden and safe.

Do a full-scale protection or block just specific actions evildoers could benefit from. You can switch every single feature on/off with the touch of a button.


ShopProtect allows you to manually block the following actions:

Right click protection

Disabling right clicking on your store will prevent your images, texts, input fields and links from being copied. This also prevents reverse image searches.

Hiding your theme’s name

Want to keep your store’s visual identity and avoid online mocking birds? Hiding your theme’s name is the first step towards that.

Blocking shortcuts use

Blocking most common shortcuts will prevent people to perform unwanted actions on your website. These are just a few of the most popular shortcuts that can shred your business to pieces:

  • Ctrl + C / ⌘ + C (Copy)
  • Ctrl + V / ⌘ + V (Paste)
  • Ctrl + P / ⌘ + P (Print)
  • Ctrl + U / ⌘ + U (View Source Code)
  • Ctrl + S / ⌘ + S (Save)
  • Ctrl + A / ⌘ + A (Select All)

Drag & drop protection

If you keep your images and store elements safe, you should prevent drag and dropping immediately. This feature is often used together with preventing right click and using shortcuts.

Blocking text selection

Are you proud of your product descriptions and website copy? Simply block text selection and stealing your intellectual property will become much, much harder right away.

What are the benefits of installing ShopProtect?

Not only does ShopProtect serve as an extra layer of protection for your store, it is also great at preventing your products from being reverse image searched, thus keeping your store’s integrity intact.

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February 12, 2019
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