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Tag products on photos and create stunning lookbooks

About Lookbookify

Lookbook : Use them like a shiny box with your images inside. Add some photos to a lookbook and inspire your visitors to buy more products on one page.

Embed Gallery : Let shoppers add to cart and checkout right on the spot from any place of your shop. You can share your awesome work everywhere.

Enhanced analytics : See detailed reports how customers iteract with your galleries: what they clicks, what they watching and what buys from your images!

Featured image describe app as an editor for making galleries

In the digital era, lookbooks are more than a collection of photographs. If a while back ago readers could only look at images displaying your products, now they can actually interact with your lookbook! Now you can add clickable elements, links, and products from your store to allow people to buy straight from your lookbook. This is the secret to boosting engagement on your fashion lookbook and increase the conversion.


  • Create simple or complex Images and combine them into stunning Lookbooks
  • Give your customers the ability to upload their photos and create public gallery by themselves
  • Import & Export your Images & Lookbooks to speed up your work
  • Easily include your Images & Lookbooks into any page of your store
  • Promote your Images on product pages via "Shop the Look" feature
  • Sort products in a Lookbook by custom position
  • Use your own colors for the shapes and tooltips to match the design of your shop
  • Override application styles with CSS and apply your own adjustments
  • Add pagination to your lookbooks and speed up them

What is Shoppable Fashion Galleries?

Our app is a set of tools created specifically for fashion retailers. Sell not just a product but a whole new look which anyone would want. All you have to do is just tag items in each eye-catching photo and share link to your look. Link several images to a lookbook and entice customers to buy more than one item.

Create interactive and eye-catching look

Shoppable Fashion Galleries comes with rich image editor, so you can create the beautiful and powerful looks, with dozen of settings. When you launch the product image editor you will see a Guided Tour that will take you through the basics of using the editor. It’s the easiest way to get started quickly with the editor and we highly recommend you to check it out.

Meet the Customer Lookbook

Customer Lookbook is a good way to give your customers the ability to show things, clothes, or any other items purchased in your store. It will be possible with special page that will allow visitors seeing approved pictures. Your customers will be able to independently send you their images for moderation. Store owner can accept or reject customer images and email customer with subject and body.

Meet Shop the Look

"Shop The Look" it's an image slider on your shopify product pages that displays your Images where you marked this product! Suppose you sell a Long-Sleeve Shirt. And you decided to create an Image in our app with this product. In this case on the page of the marked product you will see a link to the created gallery.

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June 24, 2019
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