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Sync with Etsy marketplace for listings, orders and inventory.

About Etsy Integration ‑ ShopList

Easy way of product listings : Product listing is not a tedious task any more. List products on ETSY in simple and easy steps. Import products from ETSY to Shopify.

Orders and Inventory sync : You can Sync orders and inventory from ETSY to Shopify seamlessly. Real-Time order sync from Etsy to Shopify. Etsy Inventory Integration

Manage ETSY Listings : You can manage your ETSY listings - Activate, Deactivate, Remove products, Update SKU, Update Price and Update Inventory.

Integration between Shopify and ETSY stores

About ETSY Integration - ShopList

ShopList provides seamless integration between Shopify and ETSY stores. We aim to provide hassle free app experience with minimum manual effort. Technical experience not needed anymore.

Features that make the app stand out.

  • Export/List products on Etsy in bulk
  • Import products from Etsy in bulk
  • Map/Link the products between Shopify and Etsy.
  • Activate and deactivate Etsy listings.
  • Real-Time inventory & order syncing.
  • Real-Time sync of product price, SKU, stock etc.
  • Automatic missing variations handling
  • Reusable Category and shipping profiles.
  • Order Management: fulfilment, Tracking information, notes and tags

Manage Products:

You can export the product from Shopify to Etsy with all details like title, description, variants , price and stock along with category and shipping profiles with a single click. Also Import the products from Etsy in bulk. If the products exist on both the channels just map/link them.

Manage orders:

Etsy Integration - ShopList imports orders automatically from Etsy and creates orders in the Shopify store. You can fulfil the order with tracking information from ShopList which reflects in multiple channels. You can also add notes and tags to Shopify order. Shopify orders can be created with Etsy prices including Tax, Shipping and Discounts.

Real time Sync function:

Sole intention to put highly automated experience in the first place. We are providing a Real-Time sync update feature, where the app detects the change made in the Shopify and automatically updates it on Etsy. Real-Time Inventory and Order syncing - features such as product price, SKU, Stock and Description etc.

Currency converter:

Do you have different currencies at Shopify and Etsy? Don’t worry ShopList has the feature to convert the Shopify currency to Etsy currency.

Manage all your listings at one place. You can perform Activate, Deactivate, Remove Products, Update Price, SKU and stock.

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December 09, 2020
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