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Create a custom library of content to reuse again and again

About ShopKeeper Global Content

Your own library of content : Reuse text or rich snippets and even Liquid code almost everywhere on your shop with a simple and tiny tag — shortcode style

Use throughout your store : Add content to almost any location in your store: Product descriptions, collection descriptions, blog posts, Liquid files and more

Update once : Update your content in one location — and it updates everywhere automatically


Shopkeeper Global Content allows you to create your very own content library and then use that content anywhere on your store by adding a simple shortcode like tag — and then automatically update every instance of it at one time.

Build your global content library of snippets

Your content library can include:

  • Plain text
  • Rich text
  • Images and HTML
  • Liquid code
  • Use and reuse the content anywhere

Your content can be used anywhere on your Shopify store:

  • Product descriptions
  • Blog posts
  • Liquid code
  • Collection descriptions
  • Headers and footers
  • Sections and blocks
  • Homepage

To use the content from your library, simply type a single, tiny tag like this: [gcontent tag].

Update once without tedious revisions

Make changes to your global content and it will automatically update everywhere your tag is. Not copy and pasting over and over or wasting time opening pages and making edits one by one.

Tons of uses

Shopkeeper Global Content has tons of uses. The app can be used to create a variety of content and then, if you need to make a change, the app updates the content everywhere on your store.

  • Create blocks of content that you use frequently such as shipping details, return policies and more — and then reuse them over and over again on multiple product pages.
  • Add custom social media widgets to multiple products or blog posts.
  • Create call to action buttons and boxes and embed them on multiple blog posts — then change them easily as needed.
  • Output disclaimers or special information that applies only to certain products — and update it easily with once click.
  • Build special offer boxes and include them on select products and blog posts.
  • Easily include information that changes frequently such as expiration dates, coupon codes, sales rep names and more.

Easy to install

Shopkeeper Global Content requires just a few lines of edits to your Liquid files.

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February 14, 2017
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