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Sync orders, inventory, and tracking with Shipvine 3PL

About Shipvine Sync

Save time by syncing orders : Save time by transmitting your orders to Shipvine electronically for fulfillment. No more hand typing into the portal!

Keep customers happy : Reduce customer frustration by ensuring that your Shopify inventory numbers accurately reflect the physical inventory you have at Shipvine.

Keep customers informed : Customers like to know exactly when their orders have shipped, so we'll write back the tracking number shortly after processing.


The Shipvine Sync app creates a fulfillment service within Shopify so that you can easily decide which products are to be physically shipped and fulfilled by the Shipvine 3PL service. Your Shopify fulfillments will show up in Shipvine Logistics as a fulfillment request. Additionally, Shipvine and Shopify work together to keep your inventory numbers in Sync. Finally, tracking numbers will seamlessly flow back into Shopify, notifying your customer as soon as the order has been shipped using Shopify's native notification emails.

This app is only intended for existing Shipvine customers looking to connect their Shopify store to the warehouse management system. You will need an already established Shipvine Logistics merchant account and contract, so please only proceed to install this application once you've obtained the necessary credentials from your Shipvine Logistics account manager.

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October 18, 2021
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