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Sell shipping warranties, keep the money.

About G1 Shipping Warranty Platform

Insurance Sucks. : Shipping insurance companies won't tell you that only a small number of packages ever get lost, damaged or stolen. It's a dirty secret.

Keep the money. : If the merchant protects the order, the merchant should keep all the warranty money. Period. Our app makes this process instant and easy.

Be in control. : You choose the warranty price, you set the policies and approve or deny cases. It's your shop, you should be in control. Imagine that.


Why Pick G1 vs some other Shipping Insurance company?

G1 was built by a team of merchants that ran a top 500 Shopify store. After shipping more than a million packages, we learned quite a bit. One big thing we learned was that merchants should protect their own shipments - they make way more money!

Insurance companies will try to sell you 'protection' but all they want is to make money on the thousands of packages that never get lost, damaged or stolen.

G1 is a white labeled shipping warranty platform that allows merchants to sell their own branded warranties, manage cases and keep all the money. This is not our first rodeo - we are knocking on the door of helping protect more than 200 million dollars worth of orders. You came to the right place.

How Does it Work?

Install the app and our G1 Operations team will help you with the onboarding. We offer full white glove setup with a technical engineer and operations manager. You will be selling branded white labeled shipping warranties in a matter of hours - and keeping the money.

Keep 100% of the money

You heard that right. You as the merchant are protecting the orders, you should keep the money. G1 gets paid a small flat rate based on the number of warranties you sell. Compared to an 'Insurance' company you will be paying 1/10th the price and putting that money in your pocket. You are always in control. Choose the warranty price, the shipping policies, and you approve or deny your claims.

Improved Customer Experience

Customers are much more likely to return to somebody they trust and have had a great experience with. This option can also help avoid cart abandonment and increase overall conversion.

How Do I Sign Up?

Simply install the app using your Shopify Store's login. Once it is installed, launch the app to automatically add the feature to your website. Here, you will have access to a detailed dashboard which will show you the number of orders protected by Shipping Protection, as well as the total revenue which has been protected.

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November 04, 2019
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