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Geolocation based Language, Country & Multi Currency Selector

About GeoFly Lang & Market Selector

Beautiful Market Selector : The app displays beautiful market selectors whose locations in your theme are customizable for desktop and mobile.

Multi Currency & Language : Auto detect preferable currency and language of customer with smart auto detection features of the app using geolocation, ip and browser.

Quick Country Search Widget : With search functionality of the widget, your customers can now search their preferable country within no time.


Make your store look truly International:

With our beautiful market selectors, customizable for both mobile and desktop, you can truly make your store look international and boost your foreign sales by allowing easy to find currency, language and country selection options to your customers.

Beautiful Market Selector Integrated within your Theme

The app displays cool market selectors whose locations in your theme are customizable for desktop and mobiles. For a few selected themes, we have also integrated the market selectors in the headers next to the cart icons and we are adding many more themes in future as well.

Multi Language Switcher

If your supports multiple languages, then the app will also provide language switcher and auto detection of language capability along with market or multi currency selector.

Banner for countries where you don't ship

You can also show and customize the banner for countries where you are not shipping.

Auto Detection of Country, Currency and Language based on Geolocation

You can now auto detect preferable currency and language of your end user with smart auto detection features of the app using geolocation , ip and browser. This will mean a less hassle for the customer to choose things manually and more sales for you!

Highly Customizable Market Selector Widget

You can now customize the market selector as per the look and feel and spacing your theme has. You can choose to display flags, country, currency, language everything . Or you can just choose to display only flags. Or you can choose to display just two digits codes. You can also choose different display configurations for mobile and desktop.

Search widget to quick search for country

The market selector widget also provides search capability. So your customers can easily search country / markets of their interest.

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March 22, 2022
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