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ZIP Code Checker : Easily let your customer know whether you provide shipping to their area by asking the customer to enter ZIP Code & restrict add to cart.

Waitlist customer with email : You spent a lot on getting traffic. Don't let it go waste. Capture email even you don't provide service in the area. Comes handy on opening.

Don't miss potential customer : Simple bar charts to find your potential customers location when you decide to expand your business. Subscribed count for product & location

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Zipprover is a zipcode validator / zipcode checker / postcode checker tool which allows your end customer to check whether their location is deliverable/serviceable or not by showing a popup/embedded form and asking end customer to enter their delivery location ZIP Code / Postcode / Pincode. If the location is not deliverable they can subscribe for waiting list, so that you can inform them when you open your service at those location.

Waiting List

You have spent a lot on getting traffic to your store, why let it go waste just because you don't serve in that area at the moment. Capture potential customer email now and inform them later when you open service in their area. Customer can subscribe to your waiting list to open service for their location, this can help you in deciding where you can expand your business.

Restrict Add to cart

zipcode validator can restrict/limit add to cart if the zipcode is not serviceable. This avoids customer from placing non serviceable orders which is useful for every merchants, as this will reduce support costs, time and disappointments from both end.

Disclaimer: Restrict of add to cart might not be possible from home and collection pages in certain cases/themes. However if you are open for initial setup from us, then we can do from that page as well.

Zipcode/Postcode checker can be done via popup or embed form in product page.

Key Features

  • Unlimited zip codes can be setup with comma separated values.
  • Start with zip codes search is available. Eg: 900** will match 90010, 90011, 90020 etc. Similarly SW1V*** will match SW1V2RA, SW1V1RR etc.
  • Add zip code to all products or only to particular selected products.
  • You can create rules to allow or disallow add to cart from specified zip codes.
  • Customer can subscribe to waiting list if their location is not serviceable.
  • Simple reports to show which zip/post/pin code and products are most subscribed. Which will be useful to target your next business location expansion.
  • Postcode validator will restrict add to cart and checkout from product page and cart page.
  • You can add any format of zipcode/postcode/pincode, no restrictions. Simple to use as long as you have list of supported or not supported ZIP codes.


  • No coding needed
  • One click enable/disable.
  • Upload zipcodes/postcodes from CSV file
  • Easy to customize design settings.
  • Popup template with hand picked images.
  • Embedded form in product page with hand picked icons.
  • Can customize all text.
  • Responsive design.

Irrespective of COVID 19 pandemic situation, product delivery availability checking feature is a must have for all e-commerce store. Try our app with free plan, do let us know if you have any questions or need help regarding setup/customization.

Stay safe and stay positive.

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August 06, 2020
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