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Pickup & Delivery Date made easy!


This app allows you to accept Pickup & Delivery Date.

Shipizy allow your customers to choose custom delivery date or pickup date for their orders.

Let customers select the date and time of delivery

Using this app, you can allow your customers to choose exactly when they want to receive their package while setting up delivery rules that would prevent customers from choosing times at which you can't deliver.

Your site & theme is safe

Shipizy adapt widget to your theme without touching it. It use lightweight calendar for speed performance.

Tracking Orders

You can track all the current orders directly from the app!

You have access to a calendar to check all current orders from the current year!

Important informations like phone, email & reservation date will be displayed for time saving!

Everything is automated

You can choose the weekdays you want to active and the maximum date (days from today's date) to choose.

Based on orders, booked dates will be automatically disabled of calendar when they reach this number. You can leave on unlimited if you dont want to block dates based on reservations made by customers.

You can disable any dates manually, that's good if you have some reservations not made on your Shopify store.

Always at Time

You can enable time or time slots for more precision on your pickups & deliveries!

A calendar that looks like you

With our new theming features you can choose any color you want.

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Launch date
May 12, 2021
Top features

Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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