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About Shipping Insurance

Boost confidence to buy : From 98 cents, your customers can buy shipping insurance to protect them from lost, stolen or damaged shipments. Easy add to cart.

Easy install dedicated support : Installation is fast and easy. Plus, our team of seasoned Shopify developers can personally review your store before launch.

Fast claims resolution : For your customers, it takes 90 seconds to file a shipment insurance claim. 97% claim approval rate. We handle the claim process end to end.


ShipInsure has covered 429k+ orders, protected $25m+ in merchandise & seen 97% claims success rate for lost, damaged or stolen shipments in the United States.

Our premium shipping insurance covers everything from when the product leaves your door until it is in the hands of your customer.

Our app is easy to install & our team of dedicated eCommerce technical experts are on hand to help you through installation if you need.

How ShipInsure works

ShipInsure integrates with your cart to make it seamless for your customer to add shipping protection to their order from 98 cents.

Customers file a claim directly with us and receive a resolution as fast as 90 seconds. Our team handles the full claims process & cost to refund or replace your customers' orders.

We receive the shipping insurance fees via your preferred payment method.

ShipInsure is 100% free for merchants, we handle all costs to refund, replace or reship your customer orders. Plus, merchants earn additional revenue through our revenue share program, anywhere from 5% to 30% per order.

ShipInsure Key Benefits

  • Boost your customers' confidence to buy. When customers buy the protection, our merchants see boosts in AOV & conversion.

  • Dedicated support. Our team of technical & support specialists are here to help you and your customers.

  • Save time and costs. Refunds and replacements are handled by our team.

  • Earn additional revenue. Turn your refunds into revenue, earn from 5% - 30% per ShipInsure purchase.

What you get with ShipInsure

  • Seamless cart integration, easy installation and guided onboarding.
  • Technical support if you need it.
  • Ongoing support to maximize your revenue.
  • Real-time data on your customer insurance purchases, claims and status reporting.

How much does ShipInsure cost?

For the merchant it's 100% free, for the customer from 98 cents. Anything more than $100 is 1% of the order.

Why partner with ShipInsure?

Why would you not partner with us, there is no commitment from you & it is totally free. What do you lose!

Where does ShipInsure appear in my store?

ShipInsure appears as a widget when the customer is ready to checkout your products. They select to opt-in for our service.

How do I transfer my customers’ insurance fees to ShipInsure?

Because of Shopify's close cart system, we have to invoice you externally, Each week we invoice you for the fees. During the onboarding process you connect a bank account or credit card to Stripe and we invoice you there.

Will I need developers to set it up?

NOPE! ShipInsure is super easy to install & anyone can do it.

Can I schedule a demo?

Yes! Schedule a demo with us by visiting our website.

What is ShipInsure's revenue share program?

We share the revenue with you, from 5% - 30% on orders.

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September 10, 2021
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Top features

Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

Speed tested: low impact to your online store

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