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About ShipBlu

Streamline Delivery Operations : Automatically send your orders to ShipBlu to come pickup and delivery. All you need to do is to request a pickup when orders are ready.

Get Paid Faster : Collect payments from your customers upon delivery. ShipBlu's automated billing and accounting will deposit your money twice a week.

Increase Returning Customers : Treat your customers to a premium delivery service with automated notifications, self-service rescheduling and agent live tracking.


Streamline Your Delivery Operations with ShipBlu

We hear you. It is a hassle to manage an online store that is not integrated with your shipping provider. Join Shopify merchants who use ShipBlu to save their time by streamlining their online sales to the delivery operations. No more manual copy-pasting.

Premium Delivery Experience

Customers mention the delivery experience as an important reason for buying again from the same store. We wanna treat your customers with a premium service that increases their satisfaction and become returning clients.

Operational Transparency

Once we pick up your orders, you always know exactly, and instantly, where packages are in their route to the customer and when to expect their delivery.

Get Paid Faster

Receive money from customers upon delivery either with cash, eWallet or credit card payments on the doorstep. Thanks to our automated billing and accounting, we deposit your money to your bank account in less than 3 business days to let you fuel your business growth.

ShipBlu on Shopify

How it works

  1. Easy setup with one click.
  2. Orders created on your store get automatically sent to our application. No more copy-pasting addresses or editing excel sheets.
  3. Easily manage returns, exchanges and cash collections.
  4. Full transparency on our operations. Both you and your customer know where the package exactly is, and when to expect it to arrive.
  5. Premium customer support with dedicated account managers as well as always-on chatbots.


Our engineering team is always here to help.

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December 16, 2021
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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