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Upsell Your Own Shipping Protection & Boost Your Profits

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Lost, Stolen, Damaged Package? : Self-Protect Your Shipments & Provide Outstanding Customer Service While Earning More, Without Relying On Insurance Companies.

$ Or % Based Add-On : You Decide How Much To Charge For Package Protection. Choose A Number That Makes Sense For You And Your Customer.

Discreet Yet Effective : The Cart/Checkout Upsell Will Not Disturb Your Customer Or Conversion Rate. It Will Certainly Result In Higher AOV And Customer Confidence.

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A New Route For Package Protection

Lost, stolen, damaged, or late package? Self-protect your shipments & provide outstanding customer service while earning more, without relying on insurance companies. We allow you to offer your customers the peace of mind they seek at a cost you choose and keep the profits. We are not an insurance company which is how we provide the way to protect & prosper.

Instant Coverage Built For Your Store

  • Get Ahead Of Issues: Orders are tracked in real-time, allowing you to make timely decisions with current data at your fingertips.
  • Actionable Resolutions: Create a refund or reorder products for a customer instantly and resolve claims directly in our dashboard.
  • Decide With Confidence: Quickly reference which order is covered, current claim status, and more to decide the best course for your customers.
  • $ Or % Based Add-On: You decide how much to charge for package protection. Choose a number that makes sense for you and your customer.
  • Discreet Yet Effective: The cart/checkout upsell will not disturb your customer or conversion rate. It will certainly result in higher AOV and customer confidence.
  • Free Expert Installation: No matter how complicated your checkout process is, we will get the protection working exactly how you want, for free!

Don't Leave Your Brand's Reputation To Insurance Companies

No need to wait for 3rd parties, delight your customers with timely solutions to their problems & 5-star-worthy support. Seamless integration with your store allows you to file, track, and manage claims with just a few clicks.

In-House Package Protection Is A Game Changer

Customers expect on-time delivery and great service, but that does not always happen. Never get another claim "denied" by a carrier or insurance company again. Own the customer resolution process and enjoy the benefits of being in full control of your own protection policy.

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