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Automate admin work, reports & data feeds with synced sheets

About Sheet Master

End Grunt Work : Put an end to endless copy & pastes, searching through files and manual edits to accomplish daily tasks with your store data.

Seamless Sheets : Sheet experts have built templates that auto sync with your store's data. Benefit from a high efficiency toolkit to operate your business.

Make Time for You : Go from working for your data, to making your data work for you. Find efficient solutions on sheets, and make time for yourself.

Google Sheets
End grunt work with SheetMaster

SheetMaster allows merchants to automate working with their store data. Merchants can seamlessly connect e-commerce store data with a variety of pre-built Google Sheets.

Analyze Data

  • Gain promotion insights by analyzing total items sold to customers over their lifetime
  • Analyze and report on Inventory Value across your locations
  • Track price change history for products over time
  • Vendor-wise sales and volume in selected date range
  • IOSS Report formatted for eCommerce store sales in the UK/EU in one click
  • Export of product & inventory data for Shopee in the required xlsx format

Power Searches

  • Lookup products, SKUs, handles, barcodes, titles, ids with just part of name, id, handle, SKU or barcode
  • Lookup customer details with just part of a name, email id or address
  • Lookup all product images, with height, width & position

Create Data Feeds

  • Share inventory levels with third-parties without providing access to the rest of your store
  • Detailed export of Product & Inventory Level data #Automate Admin Tasks
  • Create picklists or picking lists with warehouse locations, bins, aisles to simplify order picking
  • Clean up product data and identify duplicated barcodes & SKUs
  • Simplify stock takes with Image, Inventory, SKU & Vendor data

Solve Custom Needs

We are happy to customize sheets for your specific needs!

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September 22, 2021
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Top features

Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

Speed tested: no impact to your online store

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