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About ShareitEffect

Referral Marketing : Propel your online Shopify store when your customers recommend your products to hundreds of their followers on social media.

Social Proof : Many consumers trust recommendations from friends and family. Your customers will naturally influence their followers to buy from you.

Word-of-Mouth : There is real power in word-of-mouth recommendations; you do it, I do it, and now your customers will do it for you!

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The ShareitEffect solution allows your customers to recommend your products or services to hundreds of their followers.

ShareitEffect uniquely harnesses the combined benefits of word-of-mouth and social media to engineer a solution to help Shopify stores grow.

Now with this proprietary solution, you can target new customers to increase traffic, credibility, conversions, and revenue!

  1. Encourage customers to share purchases on social media and gain new impressions every month.
  2. No design or CRO skills are needed and ShareitEffect works with any Shopify store theme.
  3. Grow your brand with referrals from your customers to their social media followers. This is “social proof” at its best.
  4. Friend-to-friend referral traffic is driven directly to your product page(s).

How ShareitEffect works

  1. From your product page, your customers can click a discount button and be offered a discount to recommend your product(s) on their personal social media.
  2. The post will automatically include an image of your product, your website's URL, a hashtag of your choice, marketing content of your choice, an embedded link back to your website, and a section for your customers to add a personalized recommendation statement.

ShareitEffect offers a genuine win, win, win solution

  1. Your business wins by getting high-quality shoppers and more valuable exposure.
  2. Your customers win by getting a discount on their order today.
  3. Your customers' friends win by learning about your awesome business and being able to get a discount too.

There is a real value when a trusted friend shares something with you. It is like they are stating, “I love it, you will too!” The magic is that, with the help of ShareitEffect, your customers will naturally influence their friends to buy from you.

(We have no contracts, our clients can cancel anytime.)

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June 01, 2022
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

Up-to-date tech: works with the latest themes

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