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Research the market and check out your competitors' strategies

About Seodity

Competitors' traffic analytics : Use competitors' experience to your advantage. Analyze their organic and paid traffic. Get insight on rivals' Google Ads budget and keywords

Daily products rank checker. : Track product positions and ranking on Google, both on mobile and desktop. Seodity will send you a report every day.

Be notified about issues. : Seodity crawls your store in search of technical issues every week. So you will know about issues before your customers see them.

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Seodity is a marketing platform with great advantages in analyzing competitors.

Every feature is available to explore any website or e-commerce.

Increase your traffic and sales

  • Organic Traffic analysis - Develop a marketing and business strategy based on your rivals' tactics. Then, thanks to the fact that Seodity will show you what traffic goes to your opponents, you will be able to make accurate business decisions.
  • On-site analysis - Find every issue in your store before your customers see them. Seodity automatically analyzes every webpage.
  • Paid Traffic analysis - Spy your competitors' Google Ads, keywords, and landing pages.
  • Rank Tracker - Track your products in Google results and compare rankings with your rivals. Seodity checks the ranking of added products every day.
  • Content Explorer - Are you not sure which of your rivals' products are most popular? This feature will show it.
  • Keyword Research - Do some of your products have poor traffic? Check how your clients search them in Google and add great content based on this. Improved product content will help customers find your products.

Seodity will help you figure out your inbound marketing strategy.

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April 13, 2022
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