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Print on demand dropshipping & personalize design

About SenewPrint

Various artworks : We provide different kinds of artworks from artists who come from different countries and have different styles.

Personalize design : We can offer your customers who want personalized goods for themselves, they can personalize directly on your store.

Print and shipment : We will print the orders and ship them. We have cooperated with many logistics providers who can give lower shipping fees.


Partner with the print-on-demand Shopify app for your business.

You can sell various types of art paintings in a few simple steps, you needn’t look for them everywhere. We provide many sources of works. You can find what you like and combine it with the containers to products, and sell them on your Shopify store. We also provide canvases, picture frames, mobile phone cases, pillows, T-shirts, etc. We’ll print, pack, and ship your orders on-demand, under your brand.

With SenewPrint, you get:

  1. Various types of artworks: We provide various types of art paintings which include original or masterpieces. You can find what you like and combine it with the containers.

  2. Professional equipment for printing: A print-on-demand service allows you to start a new business or expand an existing one with virtually no investment and inventory. That’s to say there is no upfront cost for you.

  3. Control over your profit: You decide how much you’ll make from each sale. We charge you to cover production—you set your retail price, and what’s left is your profit.

  4. Product personalization: Some consumers want personalized goods for themselves. With SenewPrint, you can offer your customers designs they can personalize directly on your store.

  5. A more sustainable choice: With print-on-demand production, each item is printed only when a customer buys from you, which eliminates dead stock. We’re also taking steps to reduce waste and carbon emissions and offer more eco-friendly products and packaging.

  6. Warehousing & Fulfillment: We will ship the products as soon as possible after printing them. We have cooperated with many logistics providers who can give lower shipping fees.

How does SenewPrint work?

Here’s how SenewPrint’s drop shipping services work:

  1. You connect your Shopify store with SenewPrint and add your products.

  2. A customer then orders a product from your store.

  3. The orders are automatically imported for fulfillment to SenewPrint’s in-house.

  4. SenewPrint fulfills your order and sends it to your customer.

Connecting SenewPrint with your Shopify store is easy:

  1. Create your SenewPrint and Shopify accounts.

  2. Click the “Add app” button at the top of this page and follow the steps.

  3. Add and push your SenewPrint Products to the Shopify store, set up your billing and shipping,and you are done.

Our story

We have a lot of artwork resources, and we have established cooperation with original artists. They will provide various types of artworks. We have established a cooperative relationship with local logistics providers in the United States, and they will provide you with lower logistics costs.

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Launch date
April 05, 2021

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