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About SendPalm:Pop Up,Email&Verifier

Email Marketing Campaign : Engage your audience with email marketing. SendPalm's easy‑to‑use email builder has the tools you need to grow your business.

Email Marketing Automations : Never miss an opportunity to connect with people when it matters, so you can turn shoppers into loyal customers.

Email Verification & Pop-up : The most cost-effective email checker to reach your audience. Clean your mailing list and increase deliverability rate up to 99%.



Market your business All-In-One Platform

SendPalm: Free Email Marketing & Automation Delivery and Email Verification & List Cleaning Tools Software Solution

Drag‑and‑drop builder

Using our pre‑designed templates and our drag‑and‑drop builder makes creating relevant and engaging emails a breeze.

Bulk emails verifier

Sending emails is not enough. It would be best if you had them delivered. Improve your deliverability and email marketing campaign ROI with the most reliable and affordable email checker.

Marketing automations

Whether you're checking off your to‑do list with an automated email or using our customer journey tool to build relationships, you can always reach the right person at the right time.

Automate your email marketing and drive more revenue with welcome campaigns, checkout abandonment, pop-up campaigns automation, tag triggers, and more.

Real‑time analytics

Keep tabs on your campaigns to quickly identify what's working and to make intelligent decisions moving forward.

Transactional Email API

Send fast, personalized transactional emails like order confirmations using API or SMTP, right when your customers need them.

Turn visitors into subscribers with a custom pop‑up form

Create effective pop-ups that appear when and where you want them and are tailored to your brand. You can even add your form to any website in just a few clicks.

Websites that grow audiences from day one

With built-in signup and pop-up forms connected to your Marketing CRM, your website is optimized to convert leads and help you stay engaged with your audience.

Get more opens, clicks, and sales.

Who opened the email? Our dashboard tracks all the statistics you need to maximize the performance of your email campaigns: open rates, click-through rates, bounce rates, unsubscribe, and more. Track how many people thought your subject line was a hit. You can also break it down further to see which individual contacts opened an email marketing. Use SendPalm's statistics to follow email best practices and avoid spam filters.

You can also connect your SendPalm campaigns to Google Analytics to track email performance alongside your other digital marketing channels.


  • Drag & drop online Email builder
  • Grow your audience with a Pop-up form Campaign
  • Analyze opens, clicks, unsubscribe, and more
  • Track user behavior for better targeting
  • Emails compatible with all screens
  • Integrate your Shopify online shop
  • Segmentation Audience Management
  • Abandoned cart emails and automations
  • Welcome emails and automations
  • Send beautiful emails with just a few clicks
  • Email verification and Clean your lists with ease
  • Anti-Greylisting Technology
  • Real-Time Results
  • Customized Exports
  • 24/7 Support
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August 16, 2021
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