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Works Smarter, Not Harder : Basic events trigger powerful, fully customisable and conditional flows based on your customer, order or product data.

Grows Relationships and Sales : Send personalised, automated messages that reduce returns and build customer loyalty.

Data & Privacy Conscious : We don't store any data about you or your customers. Every flow is processed in realtime without storing data.


SendHook is designed to deliver 1:1 messages to your customers to build brand loyalty and drive growth - like hiring someone to manage customer relationships for your online store.

SendHook empowers businesses of any size to automate customer retention and trust through powerful email campaigns and SMS messages. It also enables you to reduce returned items by offering a line of communication first. This empowers even a small business to vastly improve the customers experience, meaning that they are more likely to give 5 star reviews - all without lifting a finger.

You choose the events that trigger each flow, such as when an order is created, fulfilled, cancelled or returned. Each flow can be conditional, so you can have a different message if the order is from an existing customer, or if the customer places their order over a weekend. All of this and more, saving you valuable time, and within your full control.


Choose from a template, customise and send emails to your customers and yourself when something happens in your store.

Text Messages

SMS messages boast an amazing open rate, that's why they're perfect for grabbing attention.


If this, then do that. Sometimes you want to say something when something specific is present on an order, such as thanking a repeat customer, or including a specific message if a product contains a certain tag.


Trigger your flow off when something happens in Shopify, such an a customer is created, an order is dispatched or updated, or the order was cancelled or returned.


You don't need to send an email or text message as soon as something happens - you might want to wait a few minutes, even a couple of hours.

Supporting Emojis

Emojis are a fun way for ecommerce businesses to stand out in a crowded inbox and establish a deeper connection with their customers. In fact, emojis can make online messages easier to understand and more believable. Emojis in subject lines can boost open rates.

Data, Privacy and GDPR Compliance

Both yours and your customers data and privacy is our top priority. You're in safe hands with SendHook - we don't store any personally identifiable information about your customers, period. Information we have about your business is encrypted using standard bank-level encryption.

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October 28, 2021

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