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Increase AOV + CR + LTV while donating to charity organisation

About Sell & Care Charity & Donation

Donate to Charity You Choose : Donate to global charity or organisation by contributing a % of your store’s sales. Make your customers’ purchases impactful!

Boost Conversion Rate & AOV : By tying your sales to a meaningful cause, customers will be more compelled to purchase and boost your conversion, average order value & LTV

Secure & Guaranteed Contribute : Sell & Care ensures your contribution goes directly to the organisation of your choice. Set a campaign, sit back, relax and help the world.


Why we exist

Sell & Care is made by a team with a positive vision for the world’s future and passionate about seeing the world continue to improve. To do this, we give organizations who are driving positive change in the world access to more resources. By connecting these organizations with merchants and strong brands all over the world, Sell & Care creates a new vertical of resources and visibility for these organizations. Through Sell & Care, merchants can easily find the right organization(s) to align their brand with to join us in our vision of driving positive change in the world.

Our core mission has 4 parts:

  1. To empower merchants to tie meaningful causes to their sales
  2. To make customers feel good about making a positive impact on their purchases
  3. To provide organizations with a new way to receive contribution and increase their resources.
  4. Boost average order value and conversion rate

How a campaign works

  • Through Sell & Care, choose which organization you want your campaign to be with
  • Find a detailed list of social causes and organizations to select for your contribution.
  • Choose a percent (%) of sales for products in your campaign to contribute to the organization you chose

Start your campaign and easily contribute to a cause greater than any single store or customer.

The benefits of Sell & Care

  • Build trust and engagement with your customers by committing a portion of sales to drive positive change in the world.
  • Merchants set their campaign and focus on their business. Sell & Care takes care of everything else.
  • Create countdown timers to show the duration of your campaign and create a sense of urgency
  • Show the cause you’re partnered with on product pages to increase conversion
  • Select all your products, or just specific products to include in your campaigns. Create a custom collection for the campaign directly through Sell & Care.
  • Promote your campaign with an announcement bar on the top of your store. Show customers, you are socially responsible and create one more reason for them to buy from you!

Easily track your sales and contribution:

  • See how much your store has contributed through a simple dashboard
  • See sales and conversion for campaigns through a simple dashboard
  • Consult with your accountant about supporting causes

With Sell & Care, you can give a helping hand to the world and be rewarded by increased customer loyalty, conversion, and engagement. Don’t wait for tomorrow, change the world today!

To ensure we care about your donations and for detailed information about the donation documentation in your state/country, we advise consulting with an attorney and/or accountant in the field.

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October 07, 2020
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