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Sell products by weight, size, length or volume in the POS App

About Unitpricer ‑ Weight Size Vol.

Switch Between Units : Set prices by weight, length, area or volume in imperial and metric units. Easily switch between units later - even between imperial metric.

Offer Volume Discounts : Want to offer a discount, if a customer buys a certain amount of your product? Easily create discounts for every product by volume.

Report What You Sell : Generate product based reports of sold amounts and revenue generated. Download the reports in csv format for even more detailed reporting.

Point of Sale

This app extends Shopify POS so you can sell your products by weight, size or volume. Simply mark products as 'sell-by', set up the pricing and start selling.

Important note: As of now this app works with Shopify POS only.

Supports Imperial & Metric Units

Supported Weight Units:

  • oz, lbs
  • g, kg

Supported Length & Area Units:

  • in, ft, yard
  • in squared, ft squared, yard squared
  • mm, cm, m
  • mm squared, cm squared, m squared

Supported Volume Units:

  • gill, pint, quart, gallon
  • ml, l

Easily Switch Between Units

You are not bound to use one unit. The app allows any unit to be selected in the checkout and automatically calculates the right price. E.g. you can choose to input inches or feet for length based products. You can even switch between imperial and metric units if you want.

Offer Volume Discounts

You want to offer a discount, if a customer buys a certain amount of your product? You can easily create a volume discount for every 'sell-by' product. Simply choose the minimum order amount for the discount to be applied and set up a percentage- or fixed amount discount. The discount will be automatically applied in the cart, when the minimum order amount for a product is met.

Get Comprehensive Reports For All 'sell-by' Products

See how much you have sold and how much revenue you generated for every 'sell-by' product. You can even download the reports via csv export for even more comprehensive reporting purposes.

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May 02, 2019
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Top features

Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

Speed tested: no impact to your online store

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