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About SEKO Integration

Sync your orders to SEKO : Send live orders & inventory between Shopify & SEKO. Reduce the risk of overselling and keep your customers satisfied.

Own inventory management : Accurately manage your inventory and ensure your stock reconciles between two of your core eCommerce systems.

Integrate your WMS : Send orders accurately and instantly to SEKO allowing them to pick and pack them quickly with little fuss.

Patchwors <> Seko Integration

Connecting your Shopify store to SEKO is easy with the Patchworks platform

Patchworks is an integration provider; we build powerful, easy-to-use connectors and apps for your core business applications – whether that’s your ecommerce platform, WMS, ERP, 3PL, or anything in between.

The app automates the day-to-day running of your store and ensures orders, stock and fulfilment are correct across both platforms. That removes the need for manual updating, and reduces the risk of errors.

We also ensure the front and back ends of your store work in harmony. That way, you can present orders in the best possible way to your customers, plus manage things effectively and efficiently behind the scenes.


Let’s say you’ve got a fresh order coming in through Shopify. The next step is to log that order data in real time with your warehouse.

No matter how many orders you have coming in, our integration between Shopify and SEKO will handle it, helping you offer next-day delivery or cut-offs. With a seamless integration, you don’t have to waste your valuable time on outdated practices such as manually alerting your warehouse of an order. Spend less time, and fewer staff, on handling those big orders.


You can’t talk about warehouse management without mentioning inventory. Before the internet or management software, stock was tracked by hand, and without proper integration with SEKO, you might as well revert back to pen-and-paper.

Keep your ecommerce storefront up to date with dynamic, accurate stock levels by integrating with SEKO. As soon as an order of a certain product is shipped, Shopify is the first to know - which means so are your customers. Order records and stock updates go hand in hand so everything is scanned, tracked, and stored in a way that helps you keep tabs on how your business is doing.

Minimise the risk of embarrassing overselling and stop those awkward conversations with angry customers, all while letting the automation do the hard work.


The Shopify platform does a great job at bringing in orders, but the next step is making sure your fulfilment operation is up to scratch. Thankfully, with SEKO fully integrated into your ecommerce ecosystem, you’re in a great position to have a faster, more efficient, and more secure fulfilment process.

One of the great things about SEKO is that it’s designed for a scalable growth model, meaning your fulfilment processes and integrations grow with your business to accommodate more and more orders.

So don’t worry - no matter how big you get, you’ll never outgrow Patchworks’ powerful integrations combined with SEKO’s reliable software.

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September 14, 2022
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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