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Deliveries are greener : We’re all aware of our environmental impact and it’s time to make a change to our online shopping habits. Seesiu makes it easy

Easy to use : It couldn’t be more simple. Customers just check the Seesiu option in their cart to make their delivery greener (we do the faffy bit!)

Marketing : Seesiu is a brand-driven business. Our mission is to make Seesiu a household name so we all make every online purchase greener


Shop greener with Seesiu

We love the convenience modern-day technology has brought us, but we need a way to continue our online habits, without compromising our planet any further. We’re used to recycling, and ordering coffee with a reusable cup - now it’s time to make a switch to our online shopping habits to make them greener as well

What is Seesiu?

Seesiu is a plugin that helps online retailers give customers the choice to make their deliveries greener. Seesiu is on a mission to make online shopping not only the most convenient way to shop but also the greenest

How does Seesiu work?

Adding Seesiu to the cart section of the transaction gives customers the chance to make their deliveries greener. Shoppers select the Seesiu option in the cart - we do the faffy bit

When shoppers add Seesiu at checkout, a small fee is added to their transaction, and Seesiu uses that money to buy carbon offsets, which in turn make the deliveries

It’s simple:

• Download the Seesiu plugin and add it to your e-commerce site

•  Once activated, it will appear in the cart section and the cart drawer

• When shoppers opt to shop with Seesiu we buy carbon offsets to make the deliveries greener

What’s in it for you?

• Today’s customer increasingly cares about where they shop and their environmental impact. Seesiu allows you to enable your customers to make their deliveries greener, easing some of our concerns with online shopping

• You can reference Seesiu and our projects in your marketing and CSR materials and shout about your sustainability efforts

• We are brand-driven and are working hard to make Seesiu a household name. Your customers will recognise the Seesiu brand and be proud to shop greener with you

•We offset match with our partner retailers. This means that we work together with our retailers to match the offset projects with their operations so that they are as relevant as possible from a secondary benefit point of view. These can be providing jobs to the local community or helping to fight gender inequality to support local communities

• The plugin is quick to install and simple to get up and running - you don’t need a tech team to manage it

• It’s nice to feel good about contributing to the fight against climate change

At Seesiu, transparency is at the core of what we do and we are proud to be a for-good, for-profit company. We guarantee that at least 60% of the fee charged goes towards offset projects directly - this may be more due to the different prices of the projects. The rest of the fee goes towards making Seesiu a better company and expanding the reach of Seesiu to make offsetting deliveries something everyone can do with as many retailers as possible

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March 05, 2021
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