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About SearchTap Product Search

See Search Results As You Type : Improve the search bar using our ultra-fast, accurate & intuitively relevant search technology that is easy to integrate & works out of box

Smart Dynamic Filters : Enhance product discovery on the search page using smart filters based on Product Type, Collections, Vendors, Price, Tag & Metafield values

Automatic Catalogue Sync : Keep your search results up to date by automatically indexing products in real-time as they are being created or updated


What is SearchTap Product Search?

It is a fast & relevant search solution for small, medium or enterprise stores. The app uses advanced language modelling technology to assign search result rankings with minimal IT involvement and no infrastructure investment.

With investments in unrivalled technology and best in class cloud infrastructure, SearchTap helps you build the best search experience for your users and offers world-class speed and reliability. Under the hood, we use advanced predictive analytics and adaptive machine learning algorithms to help customers find relevant results from the very first keystroke.

Power-packed with features like search as you type, dynamic filters, search relevance optimisation and much more, SearchTap offers an amazingly powerful search experience.

SearchTap groups the results in buckets with a variety of criteria to weigh and compare matching items against each other. This ensures that the best results appear at the top. Additionally, it helps generate filters for Vendors, Collections, Product Type, Price, Tags and Metafields thus improving the user experience for your website.

Powerful features for you. Superior experience for your visitors.

  • Ultra-Fast, Accurate & Intuitively Relevant
  • See Search Results As You Type
  • Typo Tolerance
  • Perfect For Mobile Search
  • Smart Dynamic Filters
  • Seamless Indexing

Here are some examples of the ways the engine compares records which determines the order of the results.

  • Does the query match the title of a product or its product type or collection name?
  • Does the query match with the first letter? Does it match the whole word? Or only partially?
  • Is there a typo? If yes, how many?

Advanced Filters

SearchTap allows you to build advanced filters using Tags and Metafields (e.g. colour, material) along with product attributes such as Product Type, Collections, Vendors, Price and more to refine search results across.

Seamless live-indexing with auto-sync:

SearchTap always keeps your catalogue up to date by automatically indexing products in real-time as they are being created or updated. Its auto-sync & real-time indexing capabilities instantly capture any latest product additions, price changes and inventory updates ensuring that customers are always searching across an up to date catalogue.

There’s much more to creating a full search implementation, and our customer success team can walk you through every possibility if you need any help!

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March 29, 2022
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