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About Searchanise Search and Filter

Smart & Instant Search : 🔎 Search across all pages including blog posts & collections, add synonyms, hide products from search, offer personalized suggestions

Customizable Filters : 🎨 Create custom filters based on default ones, tags or tag prefixes. Configure them: display certain filters as swatches, boxes or sliders

A Better Search Results Page : 📃 Change product cards’ content by adding SKUs, tags, collections & more. Create custom labels. Apply sorting options, e.g. by bestselling

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Boost your in-store user experience with Smart Search & Filter from Searchanise. Rely on our fast & clever product search, easy-to-navigate search results & advanced filters. Add them instantly. No coding skills or long setup required: Auto Theme Detector uses machine learning algorithms to analyze your theme and adjust widgets to fit the look & feel of your store.

Make your shoppers want to return by ensuring each step leading to purchase is pleasant. Starting with:

Typing a search query

Many shoppers go directly to the search bar. Our smart product search bar will shorten their path via:

  • Full-text search: goes through all site pages, including blog articles & collections
  • Autocomplete & auto-correct: display instant search results from the first keystroke & correct mistakes
  • Suggestions: our predictive search features popular suggestions in the drop down menu

Narrowing down the product list

Add filters to the search results and collection pages to help visitors easily find the product they want.

  • Unlimited products: add filters to collection pages no matter how many products you have
  • Custom filters: create custom filters based on default ones
  • Tag-based product filtering: customize default filters using tags or craft filters based on product tag prefixes (e.g. season)
  • Configurable look: use color swatches, boxes & sliders for color, size & numerical filters. Collapse or expand filters, merge similar values.

Navigating the search results page

Make customers pick something out on the results page quickly. Our app can help can help improve navigation via:

  • Quick view: allow shoppers to view product & add it to the cart without visiting the product page
  • Merchandising rules: place certain products top or bottom of the page based on customers’ search terms
  • Labels: create custom product labels based on tags (e.g. summer collection)
  • Flexible sorting: enable shoppers to sort by bestsellers, discount, recency, product name, date, title & product reviews
  • Enhanced product cards: display more information on your products cards, such as: vendors, SKUs, tags, collections & metafields

What else you get with us

  • Redirects: re-route queries to any site page.

  • Synonyms: align words shoppers search by (e.g. kicks) with how your products are called (e.g. sneakers).

  • Hide products from search: remove goods you don’t want on display (out-of-stock items, products with a certain tag).

  • Understanding customers’ behavior: study what people search for, click on & buy. Examine which searches lead to ‘no results’.

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March 18, 2015
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Top features

Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

Up-to-date tech: works with the latest themes

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