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Scrolling top bar and important informations of your products

About Scrotify

PRODUCT DATA : Regroup important product data for all your products.

FLUID INTERFACE : Our app has a super smooth user interface

SCROLLING BAR : Our application offers you a scrolling bar extension


Unlimited scrolling bar on your site !

It is an application which helps you to easily generate a modal with important information of your products, whatever the status of this product. Online or draft. In other words, you can easily generate modal for your products to your business. This greatly reduce the risk of lose essential details for your products. Because we show you directly, the essential information you must know to optimize your product page at maximum.


You can use it to display

  • Discounts
  • Announcement
  • Free shipping offers
  • And more and more.

Super easy to use even for non-tech users.

Scrotify offers a simple interface for all users, where a merchant can easily generate their product's essential information in modal. We offer you a complete control on this, and you can change the colors of text and bar. Change the text. Change the scrolling speed. And even drag the block to the position you want for your site.

Generate more than one modal

We are sure you have a lot of products, and you'll probably generate many modals, so it is very easy to do that. First generate your first modal. In second, return to scrotify and make sure to refresh your browser and continue to generate in unlimited. This help you to have all product information at updates in your store.

Show products essential information in modal.

Modal you can generate contains essential information like name, status, inventory quantity, price, taxes, and more and more.


products page, main page, and cart page.

Generate one by one

The app display a list of all products in a table and feel free to generate modal for product of your choice

Easy to start generate modal

  • It is very easy to start generate modal, by default our app display list off all products

  • Click on the product name

  • Scrotify will automatically generate modal

  • Feel free to make a screenshot and keep update to how your product page editing.

integrated guide

In the application you will see a button called how to use it

  • Just click on this button for a guide on how to use it


We are available 24/24 and in our you will mail us button.

Just click it when you need help.


  • Scrotify is very, very easy to use all things you need to do is create products and go in app and click on products of your choice


  • You'll be able to generate a modal with important information of the product.

  • More merchant can't know if their product are being published in the shop, or no. With our app, you can easily check the status.

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Launch date
June 06, 2022
Top features

Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

Up-to-date tech: works with the latest themes

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