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Give every tag in your store a tripple SEO boost

About Boostatag

Multiply your Google coverage : Every tag generates 2 pages. 1. A product page with an emphasis on the tag including meta tags. 2. Collection page tag pages including meta.

Customize your tag SEO page : In your admin panel, you can completely customize the tag product page template, and the tag collection page template including meta info.

Index long tail keywords : Add long tail tags to your product tags and instantly benefit from additional pages with a long tail SEO, title, meta description and H1.


Boost your product tags to the top of search engines & increase coverage of all of your tags

This app was made for anyone who wants to boost the SEO and coverage of their store far beyond the regular SEO techniques used by professionals. It's especially useful if your store has products that contain:

  • Multiple colors
  • Multiple sizes
  • Availability in multiple cities
  • Many compatible model numbers for each product
  • And any other variation of the current product.

Lets take for example if you have a product which you sell to many cities, for example you have an online chrome rim store which sells to NYC, Florida, New Orleans & Canada. By adding these 4 tags to any product in your store, it will then give you 4 additional product pages with each Tag as a variation. So from 1 product lets call it "21 inch Chrome wheels", you will now have

  • "21 inch Chrome Wheels in NYC"
  • "21 inch Chrome wheels in Florida"
  • "21 inch Chrome wheels in New Orleans"
  • "21 inch Chrome wheels in Canada"
  • All these pages will be indexable by Google and searchable by google users.

How does it work?

Boostatag takes each tag and does the following

1. Adds each tag to the end of your product description:

Every Tag will show up on your product page after your product description, giving you increased Google indexable keywords within your product description.

2. Every tag generates a unique & indexable page

The tag which shows up at the end of your product description will be in the form of a hyperlink. When clicked by a user or crawled by Google, it will show a newly generated indexable page with unique content based on the tag itself. Unique content includes:

  • A unique product name
  • Unique meta description & meta title
  • Unique H1 Tag
  • A unique SEO URL for containing the tag
  • A Unique description of the product which includes the tag to increase your buyers feeling that this product is available in the current variation. in summary: The result is the equivalent of an extra product page.

3. Improve collection tag indexability

  • This app also automatically enhances the collection page filters. Each tag listed in your collection page (sometimes called filters) will also now generate unique data as above. This will allow google to index the collection page for each tag name and no longer see it as a duplicate.

Customizable & Efficient

  • Provide your input about what text you want before and after each tag for your product pages, collection pages & meta tags.
  • Boostatag takes advantage of your product types to create an even more compellingly generated page that feels human written. In fact it is exactly what a human would write if they had unlimited time. But because we don't have unlimited time, install Boostatag, and increase your exposure today!
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June 28, 2021
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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