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Automate User Provisioning : Connect your store to other websites & sync users in Shopify after users log in to that website. Sync userbases across all platforms.

Automate User Deprovisioning : Connect your store to other websites & disable users in-store when they are removed from any website & vice versa for the connected websites

Two-way Sync for User Data : A two-way syncing for products, orders, users, etc stored in Shopify to any other platforms. Also, sync data from other platforms to Shopify

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Shopify - user sync - scim provisioning

SCIM User Sync/Provisioning

SCIM User Sync/provisioning plugin allows you to automate user creation, update and delete user information from the IDP (identity provider) in real-time to your WordPress site and automate user sync for WordPress from different IDPs.

miniOrange SCIM - User Sync/Provisioning Application can help you with connecting your other website's User Base with your Shopify Store. With the help of our Application, you can auto-create users in the Shopify store whenever users are created on your other website. You just need to call our user sync/provisioning Application's ready-to-use APIs whenever a user is created on your other website and at the same time, the user will be created in the Shopify store as well.

Merchants will be able to keep the userbase in sync on both platforms, that is in the Shopify store and another website. Customers will not be required to update their profile on Shopify Store and another website separately, i.e. they will not be required to update their profile twice & users can update their profile once and all profile attributes will get synced in all the platforms which are present in business architecture.

Similarly, you can Delete or Deprovision the users in the Store whenever a user is deleted in another website that is connected to Shopify Store via our Application APIs. You can make multiple API calls with no rate limit and always keep the customer base up to date.

miniOrange provides seamless Okta sync, Salesforce sync, Thinkific sync, Docebo sync, Zendesk sync & Circle sync, and Zoho sync then you can use SCIM User Sync/Provisioning integration to automatically keep your Shopify employee directory/Users in sync. The SCIM push-based system treats the IdP directory as your source of truth. When changes are made in IdP, they push immediately to Shopify, so you need not worry about the store employee/User directory being out of sync.

Additional Features:

  • Create and Maintain Products Create and update products automatically in all stores by simply creating them once.

  • Sync inventory levels between different stores or locations. Cross-domain automated sync application creates a streamlined process for ensuring that your inventory amounts are consistent across all stores. When there is a new order, refund, cancellation, or restock, the automated user sync application automatically updates inventory in stores.

  • Sync product fields between stores. When there is a change in the "main" store, you can update the product's fields in every connected store using an automated user sync application. You can decide which fields you want to sync and which ones you don't.

  • Real-time inventory sync Updates are triggered in near real-time to be synced across to all your connected stores.

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July 26, 2021
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