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About Scalify: Facebook & Google Ads

Save Time Creating Ads : Easily create personalized Facebook & Instagram ads in minutes with Scalify's automatic campaign setup.

Hands-Free Optimization : Speed up ad optimization and let Scalify's powerful algorithm boost your sales without increasing your costs.

Maximize Ad Profits : Target highly-profitable lookalike audiences from pre-built audience templates to reach Highly qualified prospects.

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Scalify — The Right Way to Get Sales with Facebook Ads

New to advertising? Can't figure out how to promote your products without wasting time and money? Scalify helps you launch analyze, and optimize your ads more profitably with game-changing automation!

Here's why you should use Scalify:

Easily Launch Ads That Convert on Meta and Google

Launch targeting, retargeting, and retention campaigns in minutes with Scalify's fully automated campaign creation workflow.

Learn What Drives Conversions And Why

Scalify collects data from your Shopify store, Google Analytics, and Facebook to provide you with a single source of truth you can rely on. Track KPIs in a clear dashboard, get unbiased ROAS data and make the right decision, every time.

Optimize Your Ads 24/7: Pre-built Automation Strategies

Activate ready-to-launch Facebook ad optimization strategies instantly. Automatically turn off wasteful ads.

Build Custom Automations: Dynamic Automation Builder

Create automation in minutes and optimize your ads, ad sets, and campaigns. Set a schedule for your automation to run, define the conditions that should be met before executing an action, and get updates straight to your inbox.

Scalify Will Work For You If:

  • You finished setting up your store and you have at least 1 product
  • You're on a paid Shopify plan
  • You're an Admin of an active Facebook Business Account
  • Your ad spend is at least $100 in the last month


  1. What are the prerequisites to using Scalify? - An active Facebook Business account with active ad account(s) and Facebook page(s).
  2. Is it safe to automate Facebook ads this way? - Yes. Scalify is an approved app by Facebook. Scalify is granted access to Facebook's API and can utilize its powerful backend to automate Facebook ads.
  3. Does Scalify support multiple Facebook ad accounts? - Yes. Scalify supports the usage of unlimited ad accounts, business accounts, and Facebook pages at no extra charge.
  4. What happens to my created campaigns? - Your campaigns will remain active. You can always access them through the Facebook Ads Manager.
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February 04, 2019
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