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Product specific FAQs | Customers ask questions & get answers

About SB: FAQ & Ask a question

Add FAQs to your product pages : Add FAQs to be shown in specific product pages as an accordion. Create a global FAQ which can be easily added to all other FAQs.

Allow Buyers to ask questions : Allow customers to ask questions about products. And you easily answer those questions by email within the application.

Customizable button & layout : Customize the ask a question button or FAQ to match your branding. Many more styling configuration and visibility options are available.


Do you receive queries from your Customers??? I'm sure you do. Get a seamless way to manage the Customer concerns with the SB: FAQ & Ask a question.

App will let customers ask questions or any query related to the product and then you will be able to reply back with an appropriate solution within the app, thus making the shopping experience hassle free, reliable and trustworthy. Therefore increasing the sales.

Are you looking to add product information in accordion manner so that customers can understand well, then you can achieve that with the SB: FAQ & Ask a question.

When customers are shopping online they tend to have the same kind of questions that require immediate answers and your team and you keep wasting time on answering repetitive inquiries. And more inconvenient for customers to submit tickets every time for the same and simple clarifications. As a result, customers hesitate to make a purchase and leave the site.

SB: FAQ & Ask a question will enable customers to look at common inquiries, questions with answers with FAQ lists. Admins can easily create informative SEO-friendly FAQ’s section within the product page.

Key features

  • Easily get to know about common queries and add them on your product page
  • Identify the product in demand with most queries being asked about the product
  • Get all queries in one place and answer them at the same place with a few clicks
  • Responsive app, lets the customer ask questions anytime
  • Customers can easily clarify their doubts and can get extra information and increase sales for the store
  • Manage your product descriptions, shipping, size chart and other info using FAQ
  • Time saving feature by which you can create common/global FAQ which you can easily add to any other FAQ
  • Fully customize the look & feel to match your branding. You can choose colors, font size, and lots more to make the layout perfect for your store
  • Create and divide FAQs into suitable categories
  • Enable/Disable FAQ and ask a question with a single click

Upcoming features

  • Get alerts on slack on every new question
  • More templates for FAQs accordion
  • Create new support or FAQ page
  • Add FAQ to any page of section
  • Different layouts of Ask a question module

Note: One-click install and easy to set up in a few minutes, no developers needed.

What more?

Apart from these features, you will also view your orders, products, in the tool and you can enable notification to get notified of every new order by Chrome web notification or mobile push notification.

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October 25, 2021

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