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About SALESDISH: 20+ Apps in one

Are you still worrying about the lack of improvement in store sales? Are you still having no idea how to increase the conversion rate of your orders? Are you still worrying about the high monthly fees for many apps in your store? SALESDISH helps you solve sales problems you are facing and start an exciting sales journey.

Advantages of SALESDISH

More than 20 apps required by our in-depth sellers' daily business scenarios are combined into one to form a powerful SALESDISH. We are committed to continuously upgrading it so that it can meet the needs of all aspects of your store management. Once you become a SALESDISH user, subsequent apps additions and optimizations will be synchronized and notified you in time. They will be provided to you for free and no additional charges will be incurred! In SALESDISH, you can find right apps according to your needs, whether it is to increase conversion rate, increase revenue, capture more potential customers, or reduce customer abandonment, or even you want to make your store more atmospheric during the holidays. When you encounter any problems during use, you can contact technical support through Fresh chat, and we will help you solve the problem as soon as possible. If you are a novice seller and are not sure which app you need to use, you can also consult us. We are very happy to provide services for you at any time!

What does SALESDISH have?

Improve conversion

  • Recently viewed
  • Recently sales notice
  • Quick add to cart button
  • Cart FAB
  • Cart drawer

Improve experience

  • Quick admin bar
  • Scroll to top button
  • New tab open link
  • Currency conversion

Capture customers

  • CTA pop-ups
  • Announcement bar

Build trust

  • Current visitors counter

Reduce abandonment

  • Inactive tab title recall
  • Cart items count in tab title
  • Quickly checkout
  • Cart reserved timer
  • Favicon cart count

Protect your store

  • Cookies bar
  • Terms of service confirmation

Decorate your store

  • Add to cart button animation
  • Checkout button animation
  • Add to cart button ribbon
  • Emojis/images falling
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Launch date
December 24, 2021
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Up-to-date tech: works with the latest themes

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