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Sticky Add-to-Cart bar and other tools to Boost Conversion

About Sales Booster by Aheadworks

Increased Conversions : The tools create the sense of urgency and motivate visitors to spend more.

Intuitive Setup : The app boasts handy setup requiring no coding skills or special knowledge.

Fine Tuning : Select products, countries, pages, time-periods and other parameters to set-up boosters.

Sales Booster app | Sticky Add to Cart, Countdown, ProductLabels

The Sales Booster app produces the following boosters to support your promotional campaigns:

  • Sticky Add to Cart
  • One-click Upsell
  • Free Shipping Bar
  • Countdown Timer
  • Announcement Bar
  • Product Labels

The boosters come as kinds of notifications: bars, labels and buttons. They are meant to appear on the Front-end bearing various situational messages which prompt customers to spend more.

All the boosters are highly configurable and allow tweaking the following parameters: call for action, position, look, behaviour, relation to a product, etc. You get able to perfectly match the theme of your store, noticeably improve the experience of the customers and deliver to them powerful messages that sell. Furthermore, you can do it really fast with the pre-configured templates which come with every booster.

Free Shipping Bar

Compares the Cart Total with the custom threshold for free shipping and tells the exact amount of money the Cart is missing for the Customer to qualify for free shipping. The Built-in Currency Converter automatically detects the country of the Customer and shows shipping costs in the relevant currency against the real-time exchange rates.

Countdown Timer

Ticks away the pre-set time towards the end of the given promo-campaign, and calls to act respectively.

Announcement Bar

Immediately notifies customers of the sale campaign you are running at the moment prompting action like “Read more”, “Win now”, “Subscribe today” end etc.

Product Labels

Support product pages with neat text- or image-based labels next to the picture of the product. The labels inform the Customer that the product is “On Sale”, for example.

One-Click Upsell

Shows the “Replace now” button next to the product, when in Cart, calling the customer to substitute the given product with a related one which can be selected from several options if enabled on the fronted, of a higher price, possibly with a discount - in one click. Upselling made smart, with no annoying popups.

Sticky Add to Cart

Enables a bar that appears on a product page when the original Add to Cart button is not visible. It follows every scroll of the page and reminds the Customer what product he/she is looking at. The Add to Cart button on the bar prompts to add the product to Cart from wherever the Customer is on the page.

General Features of Sales Booster

  • Six Types of Boosters
  • Customizable Look
  • Customizable Position
  • Customizable Behavior
  • Call to Action
  • Instant Preview
  • Screen Adaptivity
  • Completely Free
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February 05, 2020
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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