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About SAV AUTOMATIC Customer Service

Automate Recurring Emails : Easily automate support tickets with pre-saved templates sent automatically after checking 3 detection criteria.

Easiest management : 2-click response to all other not automatable after sale emails in the application mailbox, 100% customizable with complete customer data.

Quick and Easy Installation : Compared to other customer service app, SAV Automatic is easy to understand and all is provided, just add your logo and your contact page.

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Take the first step to delegate your Customer Service | More than 700 stores have installed SAV AUTOMATIC.

SAV Automatic is an application created by e-merchants to simplify the management of Customer Service easily, quickly, efficiently and at the lowest cost on the market, all in your store.


The 80/20 rule has never been so clear !

80% of the e-mails of a Customer Service can be automated. 20% are processed in 2 clicks via SAV AUTOMATIC, thanks to pre-filled templates.

  • "Where is my order?"
  • "My product is broken"
  • "It's the wrong size"
  • "I want my money back"
  • "I made a mistake in the delivery address"
  • ...

The application automates the recurring requests and sorts the emails requiring your intervention to then, answer them in 2 clicks, in the dedicated mailbox.

Go from processing 50 emails a day, to only 10.


A clear and easy to use space to answer emails requiring your intervention ( Refund, sizes, etc ).

Add in 2 clicks your answer already per-saved and provided by the application.


The request of your customer is sent via the contact page, after validation of the 3 criteria of validation (Subject, keywords, order number) the application will sort the request in an intelligent way and answer the customer or send the request in the mailbox provided.

Find in the mailbox of the application, only the requests requiring your intervention (request for refund, return of an item, change of address, etc. ...) to focus on the essential.


The application can be coupled with a person, to take advantage of the automation and pay only for the mails that require a person. (ex: Refund, Address, ).

This will reduce the number of requests it has to process by an average of 80%, thus saving money.


  • 100% customizable / Unlimited emails
  • Quick installation ( 8 templates provided )
  • Precise automation ( On 3 detection criteria )
  • Simplified management ( in 2 clicks )
  • Ultra-intuitive
  • Increase your Life Time Value
  • Build a real brand image

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July 30, 2020
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