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About Routo ‑ Route Planner

Seamless order imports : Easily filter, select and import orders into Routo, don't bother with filling up CSV files anymore!

Fulfill orders : Orders will automatically be fulfilled once your driver starts on his/her assigned route. Each order will be assigned a tracking link.

Route optimization : Save time manually planning routes for your day-to-day deliveries and let Routo do the heavy lifting for you.


About Routo

Routo was created to make managing local last mile deliveries easier for small- and medium-sized businesses.

Planning routes has never been easier

Used to spend hours planning your routes manually? Let Routo do the heavy lifting for you in a matter of seconds. All you have to do is to import your orders from your store into a Routo project and click one button to have all your routes magically planned out.

Manage drivers and dispatch routes

After your routes are planned and optimized, you can assign them to your drivers and dispatch it to them. Routo notifies your drivers via SMS. They will be able to access their assigned routes using a simple and user-friendly driver application that requires no download. They will also be able to upload photographic proof of delivery and recipient signatures.

Monitor progress and give your customers the visibility they deserve

Monitor your dashboard in Routo to follow the progress of your drivers on their routes. Each order will have a tracking URL attached which your customers can use to check if their purchase is scheduled, in transit, completed or failed.


  • Import orders directly into Routo without dealing with cumbersome CSV files
  • Let Routo automatically plan your routes for the day
  • Dispatch routes to your drivers and monitor the deliveries
  • Drivers can upload proof of deliveries and signatures
  • Orders are fulfilled on Shopify once your drivers start their routes

If you are looking for a solution to streamline the integration between your delivery operations and eCommerce store, look no further!

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August 06, 2021
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