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About Rosetta AI : Up & Cross sells

Super easy to set up and use : Customize recommendation carousels and promotional popups on any page of your site in minutes.

Learn what each shopper wants : Automate attribute-level data collection on each shopper via Preference Analytics.

Cross-sell more, Increase AOV : Increase Average Order Value and ROAS, make the most of your hard-earned traffic.

Rosetta AI 1-to-1 Cross-sells

Rosetta AI 1-to-1 Cross-sells via preference analytics and personalized product recommenders

  • See shopper desires, guide customer journeys
  • Get real about knowing what customers want
  • Increase cross-sells and returns on ad spend

Automate and save time on daily marketing tasks

  • Point-of-sale merchandising
  • Shopper data analysis *Product tagging

Real 1-to-1 personalization: know the difference

  • Converts more than rules-based segmented personalization
  • Provides preference insights from first-party data

Choose from two different recommendation layouts

  • In-page carousel
  • Pop-up

Customizable to match your site’s look

  • Adjust size, font, font color, background color wording and more
  • Drag and drop to any position on any page of your site

7 unique recommendation types with customizable wording

  • Recommended for the user
  • Popular this month
  • Trending this week
  • Hot in the past 3 days
  • Frequently bought together
  • Similar products based on shopper behavior
  • Similar products based on items viewed

Put recommendations on any page of your site

  • Homepage
  • Product List Page
  • Product Details Page
  • Shopping Cart
  • Custom Page
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July 26, 2022
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