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All-In-One Solution - Manage, Print, and Ship with Discounts


Rollo Ship Manager shows all your online orders in one easy dashboard

Rollo is designed to make your shipping life easier and faster. Available on iOS, Android, and Desktop.

Import Orders Automatically from Shopify and other popular online market places

Ship using your own or Rollo's discounted shipping rates.

Shipping Rates Calculator at hand

Destination zip code and get up-to-date shipping rates and transit times.

Select Lowest price, fastest or Most reliable Shipping in the Rollo App!

Create Shipping labels

Rollo Ship manager will create high quality shipping labels in PDF format. Print to your Rollo printer or any other printer.

Combine Rollo Ship Manager with The Best Selling Rollo Printer (Optional)

Never pay for ink or cartridge again by using Rollo printer. Rollo is a commercial-grade label printer that is compatible with all major selling platforms and shipping couriers.

Whether you are printing 5 or 5,000 labels a day, Rollo will deliver crystal clear labels at a faster speed.

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February 05, 2021
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Speed tested: no impact to your online store

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