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Increase referral sales by making sharing your products easier

About Roam Referrals

Growth on Autopilot : Every customer who buys from your store will be invited to download the Roam App and start sharing their referral link to earn commissions.

Mobile App for Customers : The first mobile app for customers to share the products they purchase. We make it easier than any other platform to share your products.

Automated Commissions Payouts : Roam manages all commissions payouts and gives affiliates the ability to transfer their balances to their bank on demand.

Boost word-of-mouth sales with Roam Referrals

The Easiest Way to Share

Roam is the software provider that enables customers to get paid for sharing the products they purchase with friends, family, and followers. It automatically syncs the products they purchase from Roam-partnered stores, creates referral links for those stores, tracks all their commissions, and allows them to cash out their balances directly to their bank accounts.

By making it easier and more rewarding for your customers to share your products, customers share them more and ultimately boost your word-of-mouth sales in a very profitable way.

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Launch date
May 09, 2022

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