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Build a rewards program that creates returning customers

About Rewards & Points App

Easy Integration : As apart of this app installation, a rewards page is added to your site showcasing your programs, rewards and customer points!

Increase Customer Retention : By adding a rewards program, your store creates loyalty and trust with your customers by adding positive post-purchase experiences.

Automated Programs : Set it and forget it. There is no crazy configuration needed to be done! Once installed, your program begins and create happy customers!

E-Commerce Rewards and Points App Extension

A Better Way To Create Customer Retention

Quickly create a rewards program with our Rewards & Points App that will excite your customers and continue bringing them back! There is little to no management required for site admins. Install and let it run! If you prefer to get configure your rewards platform, admins also have the option to do so.

Dedicated Shopify Rewards Program Page

Configure the looks of your dedicated rewards page for customers to enroll and redeem their rewards! This includes the programs available to them and the history of their redeemed rewards. Lastly, update the looks of the app extension to meet the needs of your theme!

Points Program

Configure a points program to reward customers for placing orders! Fine tune the amount of points customers are rewarded per $1 spent and adjust how much they earn when customers redeem! More program types coming soon!

Automated Member Sync & Points Distribution

Rewards & Points App builds your rewards and loyalty program for you automatically! As customers engage, their actions are converted to points and automatically synced. Limited to no admin work required!

Rewards Member Management

A intuitive platform for watching your program grow! Utilize the Rewards & Points App platform to learn how customers are engaging with your store.

How It Works

After the app is installed and users register on your site, they can begin earning points when they place an order. The rate at which customers earn points can be configured throughout the Rewards & Points App platform.

To quickly break down how it works: 1. Admin installs app 2. Users register and instantly become rewards members 3. Members utilize the dedicated rewards app page to redeem their points, all without having to leave your store.

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December 10, 2021
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Up-to-date tech: works with the latest themes

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