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Import reviews Instantly : Simple and easy way to Import Reviews from Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, Etsy, Jet & Aliexpress and has option to filter reviews.

Theme Customization : you can change the colors, style, strings and anything you want. Full control over the reviews templates to match the design of your store.

Product Q & A : Allow your users to ask questions about products and help them by answering questions to make a purchase.

Reviews Importify Shopify App - Import Reviews from Amazon, Etsy

Reviews Importify is a Reviews App, that allows you to Import Reviews from Marketplaces like Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, Easy, Jet, Aliexpress etc. to your store in just a few clicks. You can import reviews with images and videos from supported marketplaces. The reviews considered the most impotent factor for each shopping site. You can filter which reviews to Import with few clicks and save your time. Reviews Importify provides many features, It supports reviews schema markup which allows you to show reviews in google search results. App provides automatic reviews sync option to instantly sync new reviews from marketplace after initial sync. App also has language translation option, which allows users to translate reviews from any language to English(more languages will be added later).


  • Import Reviews from Amazon
  • Import Reviews from Etsy
  • Import Reviews from Walmart
  • Import Reviews from Jet
  • Import Reviews from Aliexpress
  • Import Reviews from Ebay


App provides google reviews xml feed that can be used to submit reviews to google.


App automatically integrate Seo Rich Snippets your ratings data and stars marked-up in Google and other search engines.


The Review Carousel helps you create a carousel of selected featured reviews and place it anywhere in your store you want.


App provides Product Q & A (FAQ) feature where customer can ask questions and admin can answer them. This is also an Important feature for any E-commerce website that helps to boost sales. This also provides front end search option so that users can search questions. You can enable/disable it.


Reviews Importify is a Complete Reviews App which allows you to show reviews on Product Pages. It also shows reviews under the product title on Home, Product and Collections pages which makes your website better and help in Increasing sale. App Provides all the possible control options in App Settings to manage reviews section design and filter reviews.

Options for design and settings

App has all possible options to control app features and design app front view. You can control most of the App from App settings without any code.

Thumbs up

App has the feature of thumbs up, Customers can add like to the reviews they want. Admin has option to enable and disable the option.


App provides E-mail alert feature, whenever any user write reviews, write comment, Ask question, App will notify Admin and Related User so that you can take action immediately. This feature can also be managed from App settings. You can enable/disable it.

*App Support Time : Monday - Friday , 11 AM - 8 PM IST.*

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