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Sell items from Revel Systems. Sync Inventory, Orders +More

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Integrate Revel Systems point of sale to sell on more channels and manage your business more efficiently.

Sell more products in more places

Automatically list products from Revel Systems point of sale in Shopify. This includes standard products, matrix items and product variants, such as colors and sizes.

Automate inventory workflows

Sync inventory to save time, prevent over selling and reduce stock outs. As items are sold and received inventory levels are automatically updated in Shopify and Revel Systems point of sale to keep your stock levels accurate.

Manage product listings in one location

Manage product listings from Shopify and Revel Systems in one place. Edit product details, prices and inventory levels in Revel Systems point of sale, and product information is automatically updated in your Shopify webstore.

Automate fulfillment processes

Sync orders to lower costs, save time, and avoid errors. Order details from Shopify can be automatically entered in Revel Systems point of sale where your team can pack items, print labels and ship orders.

In-store pickup

Give customers the convenience to buy online and pickup orders at a nearby store. As orders are placed online eSync can automatically transfer order details from Shopify to your brick-and-mortar store.

Lookup nearby inventory

Display live inventory from your physical store in Shopify. Better serve customers by showing what items are available in nearby stores.

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*This App requires a Revel Systems account.

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January 23, 2018
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