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About Return & Exchange Portal

Automate Returns Management : Automate RMAs and customer return policy with a branded self-service return portal. Easily manage and track returns and exchange requests.

Exchanges & Store Credit : Turn refunds and returns into product exchanges or store credit. Our store credit solution integrates directly into your store.

Generate Return Labels : Automate return order shipping labels and processing through supported shipping carriers including Shippo, Shipstation, USPS and more.

Shippo Shipstation Sendcloud USPS Gorgias Canada Post

Automate your returns process with ReturnGO’s Returns & Exchange Portal. Provide your customers alternatives to refunds such as offering product exchanges and store credit.

ReturnGO keeps your customers in the loop and creates a positive orders return and exchange experience.

Easy Returns & Exchange

Return and exchange management can be a challenge. ReturnGO makes product exchanges and returns easy with just a few clicks!

Customized Returns Portal

Fully customize your return portal layout, logo, colors, design, and labels. Set up a unique and professional returns portal in no time.

Customized Return Policy

Define rules, eligibility conditions, resolutions, and return reasons as part of your store’s return policy. Configure your custom returns management portal to support your store policy rules.

Store Credit

ReturnGO’s store credit system integrates seamlessly with all stores, with no need for manual gift cards.

Return Score AI (Optional)

Our Return Score AI algorithm creates a variety of options for your customers to choose from as their preferred alternative to refunds, maximizing your profit and LTV.

Supported Resolutions

  • Refund to the original payment method
  • Refund as store credit
  • One-click exchange
  • Refund to bank account (IBAN, for COD payments)
  • Keep the item (ReturnGO AI)
  • Ship back later (ReturnGO AI)
  • Donate the item (ReturnGO AI)

Returns Management Dashboard

Track and manage product returns and RMA requests in one place. Set up custom return rules and statuses, send automated emails to your customers and monitor your returns, exchanges, and refunds.

Manage Returns Requests Efficiently

  • Offer product exchange
  • Customize email notifications
  • Automatically or manually approve refunds
  • Create a personalized return policy

Product Exchange

Customize your product exchange policy to enable customers to exchange items for different variants or products. Define product exchange eligibility conditions and resolutions as part of your return policy.

Cancel Order

Let customers cancel unfulfilled orders. Reduce time spent on order cancellations and customer returns.

Prepaid Return Shipping Labels

Prepaid Shipping Labels ensure the return order process is as seamless as possible. Generate return labels automatically or upload manually.

Gift Returns

ReturnGO’s returns portal enables gift recipients to request a return or exchange.

Easy Setup

Easily set up your personalized return center in under 5 minutes with our intuitive system.

Customer Support

Our support team is always available to help you set up your returns portal and optimize your returns management process.

Automatically track RMAs, Returns & Exchanges today.

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