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Drive more sales with return-as-an-option on final sale items

About Seel Return Assurance

Encourage More Sales : Increase cart conversion and encourage additional purchases when you offer a best in class return option.

Offer Refunds, Retain Revenue : Boost your bottom line, mitigate losses, and increase loyalty by offering returns on final sale, custom, and non-returnable items.

Give Customers Peace of Mind : Focus on your brand and offer your customers a great return experience. Never say no to a return again with Return Assurance!


Looking for Kover? You've found it! Our new name is Seel.

Customers expect to return anything they buy online, but online stores can’t always offer it (for example: final sale, custom items, and personalized gifts).

Seel offers Return Assurance, which allows your customers to purchase the option to return items in your store for a full refund paid by Seel. Your customers can add Return Assurance to their order directly in your store’s checkout flow. Return Assurance helps customers buy with confidence, resulting in an increase in your sales conversion while reducing the cost of refunds for your store.

How It Works

Click the "Add App" button above, and fill out a brief questionnaire about your store. Afterward, someone from our team will be in contact with you to get our widgets installed on your store. The onboarding process is designed to be as seamless and painless as possible for you; we will do all the heavy lifting involved in installing the code in your theme, and we'll test it to make sure it works and looks great before you start offering Return Assurance to your customers.

During onboarding, we will also walk you through your account set up and how to use the Return Assurance product before enabling the app in your store.

Once Return Assurance is installed and live in your store, your customers will be able to add Return Assurance to their order right on the cart page.

Return Assurance is completely free for merchants.

Ready to get started?

Download our app by clicking “Add App” above. You will be prompted to authorize several permissions which allow Return Assurance to function properly in your store. Once you authorize the permissions, our team will take care of the storefront installation for you. No coding or technical knowledge is required to add Return Assurance to your store. Our support team will also be available to personally assist you whenever you need help.

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July 20, 2021
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