Shopify App : Restaurant Instant Upsell

Smart Menu and Receipts for better Customer engagement

About Restaurant Instant Upsell

Smart Engaging Menu : Create a simple and quick order process for your customer. Pre-set favorites, previously ordered, and shared order features.

Social Marketing - Tell Friend : Using the "Tell a Friend" feature, the customer can easily share your products with their friends and family.

Push Offers to increase Sales : Increase average order value while keeping a great customer experience with upsell and bonus offers.


Why choose Restaurant Instant Upsell?

You are looking to boost sales, increase average order value, and increase customer satisfaction. Restaurant Instant Upsell provides all the tools you need to grow your business by providing a simple and easy-to-use application.

We do this by providing features such as Smart Menu, Smart Receipt, Reorder, and Offers to your Customers.

Using the Admin Dashboard, you can quickly and easily build professional interactive menus and receipts from various pre-made templates for your customers.

Exclusive Features

  • Restaurant Instant Upsell Sales channel allows to:
    • Synchronize menu items from your shop
    • Guaranteed menu items to browse via Menu InstaApp
    • Start Shopify order by adding items to the Cart
    • Tell / Recommend products to friends
    • Create and push Offers to Customers
  • Smart Receipt allows to
    • Free Access to digital receipts
    • Easy one-click reorder items
    • Exclusive product recommendations products to friends
    • Save Receipt to digital wallets like Apple, Android or InstaWallet
    • Easy create and push Offers to Customers
    • Best navigation to access Menu instaApp

How Restaurant Instant Upsell work?

  • Install the App
  • Access the InstaApp Admin Dashboard for further setup
  • Design Menu InstaApp for sales channel
  • Design Receipt Template
  • Setup / edit communication templates (optional)
  • Setup Offers to list for menu and receipts
  • Preview to verify products listing using Menu viewer
  • Preview Receipt template to verify
  • Menu from the Online shop is synced automatically
  • Use the Sync tab to sync manually, if required
  • Use the "Upcoming Orders" tab to observe in-progress orders
  • Use the Receipts tab to access receipts for the paid orders
  • Use the Settings tab to configure data or features as per your need
  • Customers use the Smart Receipt to view purchase details, offers, one-click reorder, and recommend items to others
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Launch date
May 12, 2021
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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