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Stock replenishment made easy.

About replenishme

Never Miss a Sale : Always have the right product on the shelf, especially during promotions.

Stock Levels at a glance : Save time and ditch the spreadsheets. Know what, when and how much to reorder with our simple dashboard.

Smart Purchasing : Our smart app recommends what to order and when for every product you manage.


Your Smart Inventory Adviser

replenishme re-invents your inventory reordering processes. Created by supply chain professionals who are also Shopify store owners, use our years of supply chain experience to simplify your stock management.

Designed for small to medium sized businesses, our smart app has an array of complex calculations going on behind the scenes. Based on your sales data, replenishme recommends what products you need to order, and when, even for bundles.

Save time, optimize your stock levels, and remove the guesswork for better business.

Purchase Orders

replenishme’s recommendations automatically populate draft purchase orders for you to check and make any desired changes.

Once done, confirm and send your order with a click. Simple.

Sales Forecasting

Improve your sales forecasting with our statistical algorithms. Get insight into your customers’ buying patterns based on your historical sales, seasonality and upcoming promotions.

Never miss a Sale!

We all know that shoppers will switch to another store if the product they want is unavailable. Use replenishme’s insights to have the right amount of stock, at the right time, so you can keep your customers!

How does it work?

After installing the app, replenishme will sync with your active Shopify products. We’ll automatically populate:

  • Product code / SKU
  • Product description
  • Sales history
  • Available inventory quantity
  • RRP
  • Cost per item

Then, we’ll step you through adding supplier costs, upcoming promotions, lead times etc. to create your smart sales forecast and purchase order dashboard. See what purchases you need to make and confirm the order with a click.

What does replenishme change in my Shopify store?

replenishme automatically updates the stock count in your Shopify store, so your customers know what they can buy. Simply receive a purchase order partially or in full to update your Shopify inventory quantities.

World-Class Customer Support

  • Support for all subscribers. We’ll set you up and keep you going.
  • Our highly trained replenishme experts are available by email, 7 days a week.

Ready to Start?

Once downloaded, follow the simple setup instructions in the instructions menu. Sign up today and see for yourself how replenishme can take the guesswork out of stock replenishment.

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December 03, 2021
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