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"No-Click" Reordering by Voice

About ReOrdify

Amplify Sales : Speedy "No-click" voice ordering enables friction-less impulse buying from Alexa enabled devices

Retain Customers : Don't risk hard earned customers to short attention spans, ads or comparison shopping opportunities

Maximize Profit Margin : Don't surrender your commissions to an outside marketplace. Your voice reordering keeps your customers in your store!

Amazon Alexa

e-Commerce has a new trend

Consumers are embracing the convenience, novelty and speed in which they can buy their goods. They are a captive audience unencumbered by click bait ads and comparison product popups. This experience is ideal for a returning customer.

Replenish, Replace, Reorder with Voice

ReOrdify is focused on executing the reorder workflow as efficiently as possible. This adds value to the customer's experience as they blaze through this transaction hands free when the moment strikes them. Retain your customer by offering this powerful concise alternative to desktop and mobile apps. Customers don't want an exhaustive menu driven voice catalog. We believe a use-case focus of reordering, rather than a technology focus, is the strategy customers will appreciate.

Your Brand, Customer Engagement & SEO Impact

Deploying your Alexa skill presents an opportunity for you to engage your customers with email campaigns and reminders. Presence in the marketplace will reinforce SEO rankings and influence product and brand reputation.

Advanced Features

ReOrdify is always evolving and improving both customer and administrative features. Product roadmap includes:

  • Voice Ads: promoting your products and subscription plans
  • Automated subscription plan activation (ReCharge)
  • Reminders: prompt customers to reorder
  • Customer Service by voice
  • Order Status by voice
  • Analytics & Reporting
  • Exclusive Daily Deals
  • Returns workflow by voice
  • Multiple Languages
  • Loot box

Machine Learning & Natural Language

ReOrdify uses innovative AI technology to fully understand and process the customer's voice interactions. This proprietary technology improves the customer experience so that they get the right product as quickly as possible without bothersome voice menu systems.


What if a customer doesn't finish the order?

  • The order is left as a Draft Order so that you can follow up as you wish

I don't own an Alexa device, is this for me?

  • Absolutely, you don't need to have an Alexa in order for your customers to find, install or use the app.

What if the Alexa device uses a different email than the email used to place orders with my store?

  • We employ a one-time account email verification workflow to link the accounts

What if the customer doesn't want to use Amazon Pay?

  • This is no problem. A `Draft Order` is created in Shopify and an Invoice is emailed to the customer to provide payment when convenient.

What if I can't get an Amazon Seller merchant account?

  • We realize Amazon has limits on which banks it will do business with. Please contact us so that we can discuss how we can help.
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May 14, 2020
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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