Shopify App : Remove Ocean Plastic & Grow

Allow customers to remove ocean plastic with every sale

About Remove Ocean Plastic & Grow

Remove ocean plastic : Give your customers the option of removing ocean plastic pollution with their order.

Simple, automated impact : Install our checkout extension in a matter of minutes with our clear guidelines.

Grow sales & increase loyalty : Increase sales and customer loyalty with a genuinely sustainable solution.

Remove ocean plastic with every sale

PLEASE NOTE - this app is currently only available for Shopify Plus customers that have access to the new Checkout UI Extension functionality. It will be available to all stores as soon as Shopify make it generally available (hopefully very soon). Drop us a message if you want us to update you when it's available to all.

This app gives your customer the option to remove ocean plastic pollution at checkout.

Once you’ve installed the app, all the customer has to do is select ‘Add’ at checkout and the item will be added to their cart.


The customer can choose to remove the equivalent of 25 plastic bags worth of ocean plastic pollution for a fixed amount (see pricing details). This is paid for in full by the customer. At the end of each month, you will be charged as part of your Shopify billing for the number of orders that have included plastic pollution removal.


Our app is quick and easy to use. The setup process is entirely automated and all you have to do is enable the checkout extension.

Why We Do What We Do

Ocean plastic pollution is an omnishambles. Yes to resolve it we need wholesale international policy, infrastructure and process change. BUT we’re not just going to sit around and wait for that. So we’ve created a way for everyone to do something about it.

What We Do

We’re an environmental start-up that help businesses & individuals combat climate change. For us saving the planet shouldn’t be boring, so we’re doing something about it.

What We Do on Plastic Polution

  • Campaign for positive change
  • Do beach cleans (I mean it’s not just beach cleans - we do them in anywhere out in nature, but park clean sounds less cool)
  • Support epic projects that remove plastic pollutions from our ocean
  • Get new people involved in the movement
  • Help organisations on plastic literacy
  • Review & promote plastic-free products

What We Don’t Do

  • Get too preachy
  • Say you can never use plastic again
  • Give up


We guarantee for every transaction we’ll remove at-least the equivalent of 25 bags of ocean or ocean-bound plastic pollution. You’ll also be supporting all of our other work on plastic, climate and nature.

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October 19, 2022
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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