Shopify App : Dynamic Retargeting

Use ads to bring your visitors back and turn them into buyers.

About Dynamic Retargeting

Retargeting made easy : Fully automatic retargeting based on artificial intelligence. Simply enter your daily budget and go - no programming skills required.

Boost conversion significantly : Address dropouts through product-related, personalized online ads on external websites and generate new interest in buying.

Cost-efficient ad campaigns : Fully automatic ad-creation and campaign optimization through self-learning algorithms. Saves time and efficiently allocates your budget.


The App lets you target shop visitors, even after they have already left your store - with personalized, product-based online banners and campaign optimization based on self-learning algorithms.

Give it a try and we even give you an ad budget of 30 EUR to get started.

Core features of the retargeting App:

  • Automatic creation of dynamic ad banners

You don’t have to design your own display ads - automatically generates appealing ads based on your shop products

  • Efficient use of daily ad budget

You determine your daily ad budget in the Shopify backend - makes sure it’s used cost-efficiently

  • Campaign optimization based on AI

Self-learning algorithms optimize the distribution of your ads. I.e., these ads primarily target visitors who just left your shop

  • Integration of retargeting pixel without programming knowledge

The App takes care of the technical details for you and places retargeting pixels independently on all relevant pages of your online store.

  • Controlled use of ads

The App learns on its own how many times an ad should be shown to which terminal device of your target group. Once a customer buys, s/he will no longer receive any ads about the bought product.

  • Ads distribution via more than 30 ad networks does not only work with the Google Marketing Platform, but also with Rubicon Project, OpenX, Yieldlab and many more. That’s how we can guarantee a coverage of 85% of all ad spaces in the European area.

  • Realtime statistics in the Shopify backend

With the live statistics in the Shopify backend you always have an eye on your ad budget and you are able to view how efficiently the self-learning algorithm distributes ads.

Benefits of the App

  • Identification of visitors who have abandoned their cart

Visitors are marked and classified while they’re looking at products in your shop or placing them into the shopping cart. If they abandon their cart, you can still target them via personalized ads.

  • Win new customers cost-efficiently

Instead of leading more random traffic to your online store, the App analyzes your customers and monitors them until they buy. Scatter losses are minimized and your budget is used efficiently. That’s how you actually get new paying customers.

  • Save time and money through fully-automated ad processes lets you create your first retargeting campaign within a few minutes - without the help of external service providers.

  • GDPR-compliant integration

Compatible with the most popular cookie consent providers such as Consentmanager, Usercentrics or Cookiebot

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December 07, 2020
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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